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Time & Location

05 Jun, 18:30 BST


About The Event

This Mentorship course is designed for the beginner and advanced student. 


Steven has designed this Mentorship course in 2 parts to take the student from novice or beginner to have the confidence and skills to work on a professional level with the general public.


At the end of part 1 you will receive your certificate.


At the end of part 2 you will receive your second certificate and be placed on our website and advertised internationally as one of our qualified healers at The Spiritual Life Group FOREVER! (Free of charge )


This course is aimed at the students that believe they have the gift of healing and wish to fine tune their healing ability and strengthen their connection with their spirit guide. Ultimately the first and only reason we develop such a gift is to help others with physical and mental health problems.


Here is some of the topics that will be covered:

How to have a balanced and stress free mind when working as a healer.

How to be a clear channel for the spirit world.

How to connect with your spirit guide on a deeper and purer level.

Self healing

Distant healing

How to use your own Psychic/Sensitive ability

How Mediumship and healing work together

How to heal with your spirit guide

How to heal without your spirit guide

How to present yourself to the public

How to build trust in yourself and your spirit guide

The does and don'ts of being a professional healer

How to use counselling and healing together.

And many more.......


At the end of mentorship 2 there will be a weekend workshop (3 hours per day) where the students will be given a chance to work with the public and share their gift of healing via zoom.

General members of the public will be invited in several times throughout the course so students can gain experience working professionally in a real life scenario.


Steven will also give various talks and take Q&A during the course, you will be given homework at the end of each class to practice so your development never stops. You will also be placed in a private facebook group with your class members where Steven and other tutors from the spiritual life group to share your experience between class and ask questions.

You will receive a PayPal invoice upon registration. Payment plan are available upon request

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