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Steven Levett


Founder, Healer & Medium

Steven's Story

Steven Levett is recognised by his peers, as one of the UK’s one to watch Medium, Trance Healer & spiritual teacher. Steven was born with the unique gift of healing and at the age of 7 experienced his amazing power when he helped a woman who was seriously ill.

At 21, Steven started on his own path of spiritual development and after attending a number of development workshops and lectures he found he was becoming increasingly frustrated with the training programs that was being taught in development. A chance meeting with internationally renowned leading psychic medium & spiritual teacher Gordon Smith was to change Steven’s life, after Gordon recognized the talent that the youngster had been born with. In 2004, Steven began his development under the tutelage and watchful eye of Gordon Smith. After several years of intensive development Steven is not just the only student ever to be developed by Gordon, but together they present their own highly successful and ground-breaking training program that covers all aspects of Mediumship, Trance and Healing.

Now internationally known Steven teaches courses and workshops in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark and of course the UK. He has also been critically acclaimed for his involvement in Gordon Smith’s book titled ‘Intuitive Studies’. Steven is currently writing his first training manual in which he gives a practical account of his experiences during his early development from novice student to spiritual teacher.

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