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This three part course is designed for those students that wish to develop their Psychic/Sensitive gift.


A Psychic/Sensitive ability  is an amazing gift that can be used to help the general public understand their physical life in a much clearer and positive way. It helps people who might be struggling with their life/relationships/work and emotional struggles in this journey we call life heal and become better prepared for their life path moving forward.


Some of the topics that will be covered


How to prepare yourself to receive clear and accurate information from your client. 


Understanding what your auric field is and how we use it to help others.


Connecting with your clients auric field and learning how to read information from it.


One to one Psychic/Sensitive readings


Understanding colors and feelings in the aura and how to understand them


Enhancing your compassion for others needs.


Yolanda will also give a question and answer session.

This course is certificated

You will receive a PayPal invoice upon registration

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