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Please note - Due to the cost of living crisis around the world we have dramatically lowered our prices on all courses to make them more affordable for people and introduced price plans. The original price of this course was £520.


This course is for beginners and advanced students. The course is designed by Steven to develop those with the gift of mediumship. Steven will guide you step by step through many different exercises that will not only increase your connection with the spirit world but also open your eyes to how simple it can be when you put your mind to it. Topics you will learn -


The does and don'ts of mediumship.


How to start and finish a private reading with the public in a professional manner. 


The difference between information coming from the spirit world and information coming from your own mind. Confidence and trust in yourself and your spirit guide. How we receive clear and accurate communication from the spirit world. How to deliver a message in a professional manner to the public. Understanding compassion and why we practice mediumship. And much more.... Steven will also give short lectures on mediumship and take Q&A sessions.  You will be given homework at the end of each class so your training never stops. You will also be given the option to be placed in a private facebook aftercare group during the course.  and a certificate of qualification at the end of the mentorship course. 


There will also be a part 2 to this course for those that wish to progress forward in the future. Dates to be confirmed.

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